A New Novel: ‘Prometheus for Sale’ (‘A second-rate university comedy’)


After a long break, here’s announcing a new project … What’s it all about? Well …

Essentially, this is a novel, an academic comedy to be precise, being written in real time.  My previous attempt at fiction was fairly well received so, retired now, I thought I’d try a different genre.

But rather than faff around with finding publishers this time, I thought I’d just knock it out in instalments as an online series.  There are two big advantages to this: (1) I can get feedback from readers and tweak it as I go, and (2) I can ask for small donations from anyone who’s enjoying reading it.  And I’ve a particular plan for (2) …

I retired last year, earlier than I wanted to (or could properly afford to), under difficult circumstances, and I’d always promised my wife that I’d eventually make myself useful somehow.  So, I’ll split any income received 50/50 between topping up the pension pot (to defray my food and lodgings) and a very worthy UK cause: Pauline Town at the Station Hotel.  On the off chance that I do find a publisher along the way, I’ll still honour this commitment for any future revenue.

So, to begin with on the main site: https://prometheus.forsale/, you’ve got all the preamble already: this bit about the project, a few words about the author, the cause, a preface and an introduction.  I hope this whets some appetites.

Then Chapter 1 will appear on 1st March with subsequent chapters becoming available on the 1st of every month after that.  (I’ve other things to do too, I’m afraid!) Once I’m confident I’m going at a good pace, I’ll try to increase that frequency.  I’m guessing something like 25 chapters of around 3,000 words each eventually, give or take, so a ‘proper’ novel. The sci-fi effort was 125,000 words but I’m not expecting this to be as long.

So there we are; that’s the plan.  Do please get onboard if you’re up for it: share as widely as possible (that’s really helpful), bookmark the page, subscribe to the blog, etc.  I’ll also send out reminders of new material on Twitter (https://twitter.com/vicgrout) and Facebook.  And, if you’re in a generous mood at any point, please donate if you can.

Happy reading!

Vic Grout, February 2023

About Vic Grout

Futurist/Futurologist. Socialist. Vegan. Doomsayer. Professor of Computing Futures. Author of 'CONSCIOUS' https://vicgrout.net/the-book/ View all posts by Vic Grout

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